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Hi friends!
Today’s post is not to show a new release, but to talk about the great Amiga’ scene.

It’s somewhat related to anime, ’cause this is a new unreleased game for Amiga CD32 based on an old jappo lasergame:


The work is made by Reimagine, already creators of “Giana Sister S.E.”.
It’s a very good conversion of Taito’s coin-op, better than the old Mega CD port.
Click here to download it.

I want to thanks this guys, for keeping the Amiga alive.

It’s incredible how to after 25 years, new CD32’s game are still released… look to Heart of the Alien, ported from Mega CD by D.J.M and Earok: two heroes of Amiga’ scene.
Check the Earok’s blog here.

See ya soon, for another CDXL release!