Ghibli galore!!!


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Well, technically it’s not a Ghibli’s anime: the studio was created in 1985, while “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” was spread in 1984.
Anyway, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” was the feature film that, thanks to its success, allowed the foundation of the Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli.

Now it’s time to enjoy this great anime on Amiga: you can download it in the Downloads section.

I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I had problems with editing and cutting (it’s 3 CDs full of cdxl), then with uploading (Windows restarted in while) and then again with WordPress that deleted my draft.

Coming soon, something slightly different than usual: stay tuned for the next promo.


My Neighbor Totoro!!!


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Hi to all!

We are ready for the new CD Amiga Anime course, with a new release, I hope it is welcome: My Neighbor Totoro !!!

Go to Downloads section to download it.

Some technical news: like the last release i switch definitively to “no sdbl” mode for better quality image… it’s only 6 fps, but it’s adeguate to nice stream.
I remove the annoying button pressing on the logo screen, now it disappear after a few seconds.
Hope you like this choices and feel free to ask further improvements emailing me on Contacts section.

Stay tuned for the next promo!

Merry Christmas!!!


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Amiga Anime CD come back!
To wish you a merry Christmas with a new “theme” release: Tokyo Godfathers!

You can download it in the Downloads section.

I know, it’s three discs, but to stream at maximum quality possible, that was the solution.

I’m thinking for some news before the new year, so stay tuned!

Amiga never dies!


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Hi friends!
Today’s post is not to show a new release, but to talk about the great Amiga’ scene.

It’s somewhat related to anime, ’cause this is a new unreleased game for Amiga CD32 based on an old jappo lasergame:


The work is made by Reimagine, already creators of “Giana Sister S.E.”.
It’s a very good conversion of Taito’s coin-op, better than the old Mega CD port.
Click here to download it.

I want to thanks this guys, for keeping the Amiga alive.

It’s incredible how to after 25 years, new CD32’s game are still released… look to Heart of the Alien, ported from Mega CD by D.J.M and Earok: two heroes of Amiga’ scene.
Check the Earok’s blog here.

See ya soon, for another CDXL release!

It’s over!


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Finally, the last two episodes have been converted into CDXL: you can download them in the Downloads section.

With these, it closes the long Evangelion adventure (at least the series, I could edit the film in the future); now, I take a little break to achieve the much-required tutorial (yay!).

I’ll keep on to make the anime conversions for CD32, but in less regular frequency .

Thanks to those who appreciated my works and thanks to those who will appreciate my further works.

Stay tuned!