Goodbye Isao!


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About a month ago, we left the great Isao Takahata, the man who gave birth to Heidi in our childhood and who collaborated in the foundation of Studio Ghibli in our adolescence, accompanying us to adulthood.
I want, in my small way, to give a small tribute to remember him.

On Downloads section, you can download his last masterpiece:
“The Tale of Princess Kaguya”.

We will miss you, Isao.




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Welcome back to everyone!

Today I am pleased to present one of the cornerstones of animation, on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary… Ladies and Gentlemen:

Akira !!!

Written and directed by Katsuhiro Ōtomo, based on the homonymous manga by the same author.

Download it from the Dowloads section; the cover is on the last iso.

Enjoy the vision and wait for the next release, which will be just as crackling!

Happy Easter!!!


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Hi to all!!!
I would wish you a happy Easter with this post, that close the “Corpse Party” adventure.
Download the last two episodes on Downloads section.
The covers are in the “covers” folder of these CD.

I would thanks my Amiga’s friend Jay for the great work on his blog:
On his blog you will find a big list of (almost) all CD32 bootable discs, both official and unoficial.
I am proud to say that among the unofficial, the discs produced by me are listed in the “CDXL Video Discs” section.

Thanks to all new twitter’s followers, I’m always very happy to have new Amiga’s friends.

No bonus and no promo this time: stay tuned for the next outstanding release…
A clue: it’s its thirtieth anniversary! (Jay already guessed it)




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I know, this anime is very creepy, but in the first episode there are some “service” moments to introduce the story.
From today onwards, forget’em: you’ll see only gore and splatter.

Download the second episode of “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls” from the Downloads section.

P.S.: I must edit a DVD cover, I’ll thinking for it next time.


For Horror Fans!!!


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This release is for horror maniacs: I’m pleased to present “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls”.

Taken from a series of video games, this anime is the most “gore” I have ever seen… now it can be viewed by all Amiga CD32 owners.
I recommend, look at it only if you are not so impressionable: here the blood flows in torrents!

This is the first of 4 episodes, you can download it on Downloads section.
As a bonus, the series teaser trailer.

See you next episode!

Parental Advisory!!!


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As I had written, now something a little different: not for the faint of heart!
Do you recognize it?
Even the promo is a bit ‘different: it is more a sort of “missing footage” that presents the anime characters we are about to view.
Following, the trailer of the Japanese edition on DVD.

You can download the promo here.

Ghibli galore!!!


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Well, technically it’s not a Ghibli’s anime: the studio was created in 1985, while “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” was spread in 1984.
Anyway, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” was the feature film that, thanks to its success, allowed the foundation of the Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli.

Now it’s time to enjoy this great anime on Amiga: you can download it in the Downloads section.

I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I had problems with editing and cutting (it’s 3 CDs full of cdxl), then with uploading (Windows restarted in while) and then again with WordPress that deleted my draft.

Coming soon, something slightly different than usual: stay tuned for the next promo.

My Neighbor Totoro!!!


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Hi to all!

We are ready for the new CD Amiga Anime course, with a new release, I hope it is welcome: My Neighbor Totoro !!!

Go to Downloads section to download it.

Some technical news: like the last release i switch definitively to “no sdbl” mode for better quality image… it’s only 6 fps, but it’s adeguate to nice stream.
I remove the annoying button pressing on the logo screen, now it disappear after a few seconds.
Hope you like this choices and feel free to ask further improvements emailing me on Contacts section.

Stay tuned for the next promo!