Welcome to Amiga Anime CD Project!

Amiga Anime CD Project is the right place to show how Amiga has always been to the vanguard in the multimedia of the personal computers.
Beyond to numerous other plans, great part centralized on videogames, this wants to demonstrate as a computer of far away (computer science speaking) 1992 is in a position to executing full motion video when still format like MPEG was to the embryonic state and the PC was too much little powerful in order to decodes it in real time.
Here you will be able to find the conversion (realized by me) of Japanese Anime in the most disowned format: the CDXL. This type of format allows to an Amiga computer with processor 68EC020, 2MB ram and CD-ROM 2x to executing movie nearly to full screen at 12 frames per second and 24 KHz mono audio.
If you feel that today theese specs are bad, just think to 1992, when this was true the first start out to the multimediality and the PC limped in the attempt of play MPEG movie of equal resolution without audio!
In this blog you will find the links for the ISO ready for being burned on CD that will work on the mythical CD32 or with an Amiga (at least 1200, I suppose) with CD-ROM 2x.
Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Info”

  1. Bollaërt said:

    Hi ! i just discovered your amazing website, i had Amiga in the nineteen, a CD32, sold all for PC :/ but 24 years after i bought my new CD32, now she have hdmi indivision, TF328 ide extra ram and i so happy with it, i found yu cause i tried to convert cdxl, a amazing format unknown but so well optimized like only Amiga can do ! long live the king.Thanks for so good vidéos 🙂


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