Happy new year!!!


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Just a post to make my warmest wishes for a happy new year and leave you breathless for the next release.

Download promo here.

Best wishes and thank to you all amiga fans.


Merry Christmas!!!


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Amiga Anime CD comes back!
To wish you a merry Christmas with a new “theme” release: Tokyo Godfathers!

You can download it in the Downloads section.

I know, it’s three discs, but to stream at maximum quality possible, that was the solution.

I’m thinking for some news before the new year, so stay tuned!

Amiga never dies!


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Hi friends!
Today’s post is not to show a new release, but to talk about the great Amiga’ scene.

It’s somewhat related to anime, ’cause this is a new unreleased game for Amiga CD32 based on an old jappo lasergame:


The work is made by Reimagine, already creators of “Giana Sister S.E.”.
It’s a very good conversion of Taito’s coin-op, better than the old Mega CD port.
Click here to download it.

I want to thanks this guys, for keeping the Amiga alive.

It’s incredible how to after 25 years, new CD32’s game are still released… look to Heart of the Alien, ported from Mega CD by D.J.M and Earok: two heroes of Amiga’ scene.
Check the Earok’s blog here.

See ya soon, for another CDXL release!

It’s over!


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Finally, the last two episodes have been converted into CDXL: you can download them in the Downloads section.

With these, it closes the long Evangelion adventure (at least the series, I could edit the film in the future); now, I take a little break to achieve the much-required tutorial (yay!).

I’ll keep on to make the anime conversions for CD32, but in less regular frequency .

Thanks to those who appreciated my works and thanks to those who will appreciate my further works.

Stay tuned!

“Namida (Tears)”


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Following the last Angel’s assault on her mind, Asuka sinks into clinical depression. The next Angel, Armisael attacks, and attempts to merge itself with Unit 00, causing it to make contact with Rei’s mind, as past Angels did with Shinji and Asuka. In order to save Shinji, Rei self-destructs Unit 00 in order to destroy Armisael. Rei is revealed to be “recovered” after a supposed near-death experience. Seele, wanting to get to the bottom of the incident, subjects Ritsuko to a humiliating interrogation with Gendo’s consent. Wanting revenge on Gendo, Ritsuko betrays him by revealing several dark truths to Shinji and Misato about the Evangelions and Rei, particularity that the latter is but one of several backup clones.

Download episode 23 from Downloads section.

Hallelujah Beam Attack!


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A new Angel has appeared: Arael.
This one has appeared in low-earth orbit, so the Eva units can’t attack him directly.
Ignoring Misato’s orders, Asuka try to attack him, but Arael launch a beam of yellow-white light attack to her, that force her mind to relive the horrors of her childhood, resulting in mental trauma sufficient to cause her to completely lose synchronization with Unit 02.
The only hope is now in Rei and her unit 00: Gendo Ikari orders her to throw to the menace the  Longinus’ spear, housed in the basement of the headquarter.

Don’t miss the episode 22: download it on Downloads section.