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I have to apologize to everyone: with the chaos of these days, I do not have noticed several mistakes … even on ISO of the third episode there is a mistake: I entered the wrong cover (the correct one is just below), I will insert the correct one in the next release.

But now, let’s move to the major faults: the previous episodes (like this) are not ECS compatible! The ECS chipset does not support HAM mode in hires, then the batch to run the video on ECS Amiga cause miserably error.

Another big mistake is the speed of the stream: I made the CDXLs to 291 KB/s, while the speed of CD32 is 300 KB/s, then everything is accelerated by 3%….
I correct it in this release (simply by putting a black frame around every single still); I will have to definitely make a fix for the previous episodes.

I sprinkle ashes on my head, and I invite you to enjoy the third episode, downloadable in the “Downloads” section.
By way of an apology, I put the miniCD with the opening and ending themes in CDDA, including scans in the folder “cdcover”, as bonus contents.

Here’s the (right) cover:


Bye to all! 8P