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I’m back.
After some holidays, AmigaAnimeCD is back with another great anime:

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Previous releases have been somewhat experimental, now it’s time to return to HAM6 SDBL video mode and english dubbed audio.
In original 4:3 format, there will be a little portion of video cut on bottom in the old NTSC monitor/TV… nothing to worry about.

A new batch for ECS/OCS Amiga CD systems is available: it’s possible to view the video in hires mode, so the correct proportions are maintained… the drawback is that the video area is only a quarter of the whole screen… better than nothing.

Go to Downloads section to download it.
As special content you will find the english trailer.

Here’s the cover:


In this release I would have liked to do a CDTV compatible version, unfortunately I noticed (at least on the emulator) that the performance of the 68000 CPU are too scarce and the stream is too choppy. I will upload the CDXL (or the experimental ISO) if you want to try it.

Bye bye!