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I’m proud to present the new year’s release, a big masterpiece of animation…
…just see here the list of prize won by this film.

Ladies and Gentleman: Spirited Away!

Go to Downloads section to download it.

Here’s the covers:



Enjoy it!

I’m working hard on the next release, it’s another masterpiece although it has no enjoyed great success with the public: a very intriguing story, with adult themes, great pathos… in short, it’s a great anime.
To avoid an excessive CD spindle (and to follow the japanese release) I need to know if I can use a different stream from the canonical 300 KB/s, so I can squeeze two episodes on a single CD.
I have a courtesy to ask you: please, download the 11th iso of Highschool of the Dead and run the oav (by pressing “blue” button) and tell me if it works on a real CD32.

Many thanks!