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I’ve got some problems while making iso for the 11th episode… I tried to fit the oav “Drifters of the Dead” (very funny) but ISOCD refused to build the iso…

Strange to say, I builded isos bigger than this, and they worked well: iso of episode 7th is 575 MB, it contains a bigger amount of files and I had got only some problems with long names.
Apparently, ISOCD can build isos of 590 MB maximum, but I stayed ever on less than 550 MB with episode 11 and oav both in full bitrate…

I dunno why, so I changed bitrate for both videos: 10 fps (250 KB/s) for the main episode and 6 fps (160 KB/s) for the oav.
Then, the iso is now around 500 MB and works well in winuae, let me know if it works on real CD32.

Download episode 11 (offline)
Download the fixed one instead (in Downloads section).

Tomorrow, the last episode.