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No release, today… ISOs are still uploading.

There are two minor problems reported by users:

number one: display won’t open after double clicking on “run” in workbench;
solution: your chipset must be AGA. No problem if you use an emulator, but if you use a real ECS based system (e.g. A2000 or A3000), you cannot use screen doubler mode. Try to copy command line in “run” batch to new cli shell and remove the “sdbl” parameter. Unfortunately, you can see only the video in half size with uncorrect proportions without “sdbl”.

number two: wicked screens on NTSC CD32;
solution: it’s not a great problem, it’s due by the screens (welcome, waiting and bye) that are in PAL resolution… just press “PLAY” or “RED” in bad colored boot screen and you can enjoy the movie as well, or press “BLUE” for special contents.
I will see if I can fix it in the future, but it’s not a real problem. You can try to boot with both mouse button pressed to change NTSC/PAL (cfr. http://www.faqs.org/faqs/amiga/CD32-FAQ/part1/), but it is not really needed.

See you tomorrow!